The Novum Group of Companies

Comprehensive Foundations of Creative Ideas Tempered with Real-World Implementation

Dedicated to advancing knowledge and innovation, The Novum Group, founded in 1984, consists of for-profit and non-profit organizations, managed by a small senior core leadership group supported by alliances and an extensive advisory board and resource network.

Non-Profit Organizations

In our non-profit organizations, the Novum Institute exists to make the world a better place by advancing knowledge and innovation; and has incubated several interesting non-profit organizations, including the International Due Diligence Association, which is leading the due diligence industry as the first professional association for due diligence; the International Vacuum Tube Museum, the only museum in the world dedicated to to the serious collection, study and exhibition of vacuum tubes and vacuum tube artifacts; and the International Due Diligence Standards Organization, the first standards organization for the discipline and industry of due diligence.

Services Organizations

For three decades, The Novum Group's services organizations have assisted clients with decisions ranging from the simplest to the most complex, from start-ups to the largest multinationals, advising on projects and transactions totaling $9.8 billion, ranging from start-up to $2+ billion in value. With extensive support services for forward-thinking firms and individuals, The Novum Group assists business, industry and private clients solve complex business and technology problems; acquire debt and equity capital; reduce risks, losses and exposure; and increase profits and ongoing success.

“It is not enough to have knowledge; one must also apply it.”